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Unleashing the Beast: Velocity's All-New High-Performance Chevy C10 Street Truck

At the heart of this beast lies a brand-new GM LT1 V8, roaring with 460 horsepower and perfectly paired with a GM 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission. The under-hood action stays cool and efficient thanks to a Holley serpentine system, while a custom-built exhaust featuring Magnaflow mufflers ensures that this C10 sings a tune of pure power. Add in an independent front suspension, a Ford 9-inch rear axle with a 3.73 gear ratio, and 245/50R18 Michelin Pilot Sport tires hugging 18-inch Forgeline wheels, and you've got a truck that's ready to dominate the road.

1957 Chevrolet 3100 V8 Pickup at Wat Swaai Jy!

Photos by Jan van der Walt

Performance and Engineering
Under the hood lies a brand-new 383 Stroker V8 engine, meticulously built by McNabs Engineering. This powerhouse delivers an exhilarating performance, complemented by a stainless steel exhaust system that sings a melodious tune when the engine roars to life. The Jaguar suspension, both front and rear, combined with disc brakes, ensures superior handling and stopping power. A universal cooling fan controller and aluminum radiator keep the engine running cool, no matter the conditions.

MK1 Ford Escort Racecar: A Vintage Racer Revived

Heart of a Champion: The 1600 Kent Engine
Under the hood, the 1600 Kent engine roars to life with the kind of power that gets your adrenaline pumping. This isn’t just any engine – it’s been meticulously dressed up with Burton parts, giving it both a performance boost and a sleek, polished look. The fresh engine build means it’s as reliable as they come, running like a train and ready to dominate the track.

Transmission and Differential

1957 Chevy 3100 Pick Up: Lemmy Tribute by Kings Customs Garage

Photos by Jan van Der Walt
Owner: Alex Fraser  
Builder: Kings Customs Garage  
Year: 1957  
Make: Chevy  
Model: 3100

Body Work and Customization

The 1950s Chevy Restoration A Masterpiece Reimagined

A Storied History

This Chevy's journey began in the 1950s in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, one of the original Chevys built in that era. From there, it spent its career in the Karoo, around Oudtshoorn, where the dry climate preserved it remarkably well, leaving it with no rust at all. When the current owner purchased it from the original owners, it marked the beginning of an ambitious restoration project that would transform this classic into a show-stopping marvel.

Why It's a Masterpiece

Chevrolet C10 Slammed: A Generation Old School Masterpiece at Wat Swaai Jy

Photos by Jan van Der Walt

Aesthetic Brilliance
From the moment you lay eyes on this C10, its visual impact is undeniable. The exterior paintwork gleams with a high-standard finish that needs no touch-ups. Every line and curve has been perfected, showcasing the expertise of Generation Old School. This truck isn’t just built to turn heads; it’s a showpiece that invites admiration and respect from every angle.

Luxurious Interior

1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi (LHD): A Classic Beauty in Blu Serra

Photos by Jan van Der Walt

Design and Aesthetics

From its sleek lines to its perfectly proportioned shape, the 308 GTBi stands as a testament to Ferrari's design prowess. The Blu Serra color, a limited production choice, adds an extra layer of exclusivity and elegance to this already iconic car. Every curve and contour is meticulously crafted, making it a true visual delight.

Condition and Heritage

1948 Chevrolet Style Master: PJ and JJ Erasmus' Masterpiece

Owners: PJ Erasmus and JJ Erasmus
Photos by jan van der Walt


1940 Willys Coupe One Wild Willys


The Legacy of the 1940 Willys

Ford Gran Torino: From Rust Bucket to High Octane Dream

The Project Begins
The journey to create his dream car, a 1973 Ford Gran Torino, started when Gustav stumbled upon a rusted Torino body in a Delmas dealer's yard. The unique concave indentations on the side panels caught his eye, and he knew he had to have it. Despite the extensive rust and previous restoration attempts, Gustav was undeterred.


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