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1979 Ford Cortina, The Art of Less is More

Owner: Dean Naidoo
By: Jared Govender

While the Mk5 is often seen as a mere facelift of the Mk4, one model stands out among enthusiasts: the XR6 interceptor. With only 200 units made, it was a homologation special that allowed Ford to compete in production car racing. But today, we're focusing on a different kind of Cortina, one that shines without the need for high horsepower.

Willie's MK4 Cortina Bakkie Transformation Story

Photos by Jan van der Walt

A True Petrolhead's Journey: Willie's automotive journey is one of blood, sweat, and gears. From his first love affair with a '66 Corsair 83 deluxe to taming the wild beast of a 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak, his garage has seen it all. But it was the MK4 Cortina Bakkie that stole his heart, a relic of his construction days, waiting to be unleashed.

Reviving the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino - A South African Custom Masterpiece

Photos by Jan van der Walt

Monty Booth, a dedicated enthusiast with an eye for classic Americana, first laid eyes on a '59 Elky during a chance encounter in Bloemfontein. Surrounded by a treasure trove of vintage automobiles, the El Camino stood out like a beacon of nostalgia, its retro-futuristic design sending shivers down Monty's spine. From that moment on, he knew he had to make one his own.

Safari Rat A Unique 1943 International Pickup that Roars with Character

The Hunt for the Safari Rat:
Leon's journey with the Safari Rat began with a serendipitous encounter. After spotting the elusive ad, fate led him to Christo van Eeden, the current custodian of the 43 International Safari Rat. Months later, a twist of destiny presented Leon with the opportunity to acquire the pickup for himself, setting the stage for a one-of-a-kind project.

The Build Story:

Transform a 1965 Mustang into a Street-Driven Powerhouse

The Dream Takes Shape: Michael Schmalz Jr., a designer based in Dubuque, Iowa, had long admired the unique blend of technological twists and futuristic finishes that define Ringbrothers' work. His dream of a transformed 1965 Mustang led him to the Ringbrothers shop in Spring Green, Wisconsin, where he found the ideal collaborators to bring his vision to life.

A Unique Tale of Metal, Mist, and Mad Max Inspirations. Johann Bukes' Rat Rod Wonderland

The Misty Road to Johann Bukes' Rat Rod Hideaway

Our journey to the Vaal, guided solely by the monotone directions of Google Maps, was cloaked in dense mist. A fitting prelude to what awaited us. Our navigational odyssey led us, quite appropriately, to Wild Goose Lodge before we eventually found ourselves at Johann's sanctuary, greeted by the sight of the rat rod in all its metal glory.

Johann's American Dream: A South African Rat Rod Creation

Reviving a Classic: The Journey of Francois Roberts' '56 Chevy 3100 Apache

Photos by Jan van Der Walt.

Initially acquired from an elderly couple, the project began with Francois' septuagenarian father taking the reins. He fitted a Jaguar suspension, overhauled the 350 small block, and completed the drivetrain assembly. Despite encountering imperfections in the paintwork, the Chevy held sentimental value as a project undertaken by his father.

Owner's Name: Francois Roberts
Builder's Name/Shop: Originally built by my father, later restored and customized by Steelroad Rod & Custom

Roaring Elegance: Pieter Thomas And His Bagged 1962 Chevy Biscayne

Photos by Jan van Der Walt

The Chevy Biscayne Legacy:
The Chevy Biscayne, a full-size production marvel from 1958 to 1972, emerged as the epitome of affordable elegance. Born after a show car displayed at the 1955 GM Motorama, it was the stripped-down sibling of the Bel-Air and Impala, boasting a lower price tag. Pieter Thomas, a man accustomed to the thunderous symphony of V8 engines since childhood, felt an irresistible pull when he laid eyes on this particular Biscayne.

A Resurrected Ford GT40 Hits the Streets!

Photos by Jan van Der Walt

The Rescued Racer: Before Wouter entered the picture, this particular GT40 had already left an indelible mark on various race tracks, striking fear into the hearts of its competition. However, fate took an unexpected turn when the car was involved in a track accident, igniting a fire that threatened to extinguish its racing glory. Extensive repairs, including a new body shell and various components, became imperative, but the process was marred by disagreements among the previous owners.

Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo: A Restomod Marvel of 90s Nostalgia and Futuristic Innovation

A Nostalgic Dream: For many, the Lamborghini Diablo epitomizes the spirit of the 90s – a perfect balance of perfection and imperfection. Emanuel Colombini, the visionary behind Eccentrica Cars, reminisces, "The Diablo was my dream car as a kid – a supercar that broke all speed records." Inspired by this childhood dream, Colombini envisioned transforming the Diablo into a modern marvel without compromising its iconic design.


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