Below The Claw Competion

Calling all Stance Car Culture aficionados! Get ready to showcase the artistry of your ride in the Below The Claw Stance Challenge, proudly presented by

**How to Showcase Your Stance:**
1. Craft an awe-inspiring photo or video that highlights the unique stance of your vehicle.
2. The challenge, Is your ride lower than the Monster Claw on a 500ml can of Monster Energy?
3. Share your submission across all your social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok– and don't forget to use #BelowTheClaw, #MonsterEnergy, and #RestoModSA.
4. Ensure you tag RestoModSA in your posts to roll into the competition with style!

- Custom BTC TorkCraft 154 PCE 3 Draw Toolbox
- Selected Merchandise from Falken Tyres
More to come...

Competition Cruise Dates: Competition runs from 1 February 2024 to 31 May 2024

Judging Criteria:
1. Be Awesome, Be creative
2. Stance Brilliance:Showcase the most striking and unique stance your car culture has to offer!
3. Monster Energy Fusion:Integrate the energy of Monster into your submission – let it amplify your car's presence!
4. Hashtag Swagger:** Include #BelowTheClaw, #MonsterEnergy, and #RestoModSA to steer your entry to victory!

Fuel the passion, amplify your stance, and let the world witness the pinnacle of Stance Car Culture.

Competiton Terms & Conditions

**Note:** Ensure your profiles are set to public during the competition for your entry to be considered. Winners will be announced In June 2024. Get ready to dominate the Stance Challenge and let the world witness your car culture prowess! #StanceChallenge #RestoModStanceRevolution