Falken AZENIS FK510 245/45R18 TL 100Y FK510 ROF Tyre

Falken AZENIS FK520L 275/30R20 TL 97Y FK520L ZR XL Tyre image 1


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High-Performance Tires
Straight from the Racetrack The "Zenith of the Times," the Culmination of Our Technical Achievements

Our flagship AZENIS series was designed to achieve the highest possible level of performance in terms of wet grip and all-around handling.
We have focused all of our advanced technology, all of our skill, on that instant, that point of contact where the rubber meets the road.
All of our ideals, our skill and our promises are put to the test in that instant.


Dimensions: 75 cm × 25 cm × 75 cm
Weight: 20 kg