Momo Tyres M-30 TOPRUN EUROPA 205/60R16

MOMO M-30 TOPRUN EUROPA 195/55R15 image 1


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90% Road / 10% Mud & Dirt
An ultra-high performance summer tyre designed to maximize grip and handling. 

  • Assurance Guarantee – 1 year 
  • Improved Hydroplane Resistance
  • Handling & Stability

MOMO Tires are engineered in Italy, tested in Europe and feature cutting-edge designs for enhanced performance in all driving conditions. Innovative engineering and the use of advanced silica compounds allows MOMO Tires to offer improved fuel efficiency, low road noise, and enhanced grip and handling for a superior driving experience.

MOMO’s philosophy has always been focused on superior products by combining a need for safety and performance with research and development. With over fifty years of track battles, motorsports victories, and products that continue to make an impact in the automotive world, MOMO confidently stands by its line-up of high performance tyres.
Based in Milan, MOMO has always stood for simple yet strong values – high quality, superior craftsmanship, maximum safety and the highest levels of performance.


Dimensions: 75 cm × 20.5 cm × 75 cm
Weight: 20 kg