UniClutch: Setting a New Standard in Performance Clutches

For over 70 years, Clutch Industries has been a trusted name in clutch manufacturing, supplying high-quality products to top automotive brands worldwide. Building on this legacy of innovation and engineering excellence, we are thrilled to introduce UniClutch, a groundbreaking performance clutch system that is redefining industry standards.

Engineering Excellence and Innovation
UniClutch is the culmination of five years of intensive research and development, blending proven technologies with cutting-edge designs. This has resulted in the world's first modular clutch system, meticulously engineered from the ground up to challenge conventional clutch designs.

Unmatched Performance
UniClutch offers a diverse range of products to suit various driving needs:

- UniClutch Torque Capacity: Up to 900 Nm/650 Ft Lb
- UniClutch Sport Torque Capacity: Up to 1100 Nm/800 Ft Lb
- UniClutch TRACK Torque Capacity: Up to 2000 Nm/1450 Ft Lb

What sets UniClutch apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Crafted from billet Australian steel, these clutches are up to 3x stronger than other upgrade clutches. The silent radial dampening system ensures whisper-quiet operation, while the lower moment of inertia allows for smoother engine revving and quicker shift engagement.
Effortless Installation
Installing UniClutch is a breeze. The Flex Fit system and modular design make it compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Each UniClutch is a sealed, preassembled twin-disc clutch that includes a flywheel friction surface, eliminating the need for flywheel machining. This saves time and reduces labor costs for installers.

Benefits for Installers
- Time Efficiency: Installing UniClutch is quicker and easier due to its sealed clutch core and integrated flywheel friction surface.
- Easy Adaptation: The Flex Fit Fitment System enables quick and hassle-free clutch spline changes, accommodating various vehicle models without prolonged downtime.
- Enhanced Performance: UniClutch's twin-disc technology offers an affordable clutch upgrade without compromising drivability.
- Reliability and Transparency: Each UniClutch product features a unique laser-etched certification QR code, providing detailed specifications and quality information to mechanics.

Advantages for Drivers
- Performance Boost Without Compromise: UniClutch delivers up to twice the torque capacity of an OE clutch without sacrificing drivability, thanks to its patented damping system and low pedal effort design.
- Confidence and Peace of Mind: The transparent quality information provided by the QR code system gives drivers assurance in the performance and quality of their UniClutch, fostering trust and peace of mind.

Experience the UniClutch difference today. Whether you're a distributor, a mechanic, or a driver seeking superior clutch performance, UniClutch is the ultimate choice. Join us as we redefine the clutch industry, one UniClutch at a time.

Select the correct UniClutch Fitment Ring Kit for your vehicle. (Currently Available Toyota, Opel & Nissan)
Select the Universal Clutch based on your Newton Meter requirements  

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