1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 Black Beauty

Releasedin February 1969, Plymouth offered their potent 440 Six Pack engine in theRoad Runner with a package called A12. This included the potent 440 in engine,Edelbrock manifolds, three Holley carburettors, a distinctive fibreglass hoodand bare H-Series wheels. With these simple changes, the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 was muchmore than itsWarner Brothers roots would suggest. Motor Trend named it Car ofthe Year in 1969.

While the 440 was the cheaper option compared to the HEMI Road Runner,it was no slouch. With a big block 440, this Runner was rated at 390 bhp andbridged the gapbetween the HEMI and basic 383 in models. But the A19 packagewas much more than an engine swap. It also included upgrades to the intakesystem, drive line and body. For$462.80 it was a much more economical optionthan the much more expensive HEMI.

The Plymouth Roadrunner today stands as a must-haveMOPAR for any collector or Muscle car enthusiast.

This Mopar Roadrunner with its 440Ci big block andmanual 4-speed transmission is currently available from What Swaai Jy inPretoria and is a truespecimen that gives the Mopar name justice.

Condition of the car

This Roadrunner has been updated to increase drivability as well as handling.On the motor side, the 440 has been upgraded witha Holley 750 CFM Carberattot, Mopar ElectronicDistributor as wellas an Electronic Ignition. Mopar Purple Racing Cam and MoparRoller Rockers is also been added.

A Central Force dual friction performance clutch hasbeen added to the original 4 Speed Manual and topped off with a 4-speed manualHurst Shifter. Mechanically Roadrunner is in perfect order and ready to hit the road.Especially with the impressive sound thanks to a full stainless steel exhaustsystem with imported Roadrunner exhaust tips.

When it comes to the body, this Roadrunner is clean andhad recently had a completer paint correction as well as detailing done byGrit. To give it the old-school NASCAR look it was fittedwith a set of Aero NASCAR Rims, wrapped in good old Cooper Cobras. The interior is still original and in near-mintcondition. Mopar cars have proven to be very sought after such asthe Dodge Chargers, and now a Plymouth Roadrunner! Do not miss out. She willnot comearound again soon!

All paperwork is in order and up to date. Ready forchange of ownership.

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